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Terms & Conditions(T&C)

  1. The Success Fees to the associate will be payable post candidate has paid the required payment of program fees to Genrise.
  2. Associate needs to keep track of his students to remain updated about their status, payment follow-ups etc.
  3. No refund of enrolment/registration fees if the candidate is shortlisted and not willing to pursue the program further.
  4. No refund of the fee to the candidate if the documents submitted are forged or incomplete
  5. No refund will be applicable if a candidate does not get a visa due to any including but not limited to criminal background / medical condition / incomplete documents / non-availability of passport etc
  6. After completion of language and cultural training, if the candidate does not clear the desired/requisite language proficiency level, Genrise would not be liable for the further progression of the candidate in the program, & also no fee would be refunded to the candidate.
  7. Associates to ensure full fee payment of the candidates to Genrise as per the program. In case of any refunds to candidates due to unforeseen circumstances, success fee paid to the Associates will be adjusted accordingly.
  8. Invoice to be raised by the Associates once Genrise has received the payment from the candidate and has been verified by the bank record/Referral Link and when advised by Genrise.
  9. Candidate’s sourcing by the Associates shall be done in their own personal capacity by their own efforts. They are not allowed to use the GENRISE brand name for marketing or in any promotional material without written approval from Genrise.
  10. The agreed fee structure is subject to change at management discretion of Genrise as and when deemed fit to be in line with the prevailing market situation.
  11. Genrise shall not be liable for any miscommunication, or misrepresentation made by the Associates independently to any stakeholders, including the candidates.
  12. Associates need to keep all Confidential Information strictly confidential and do not disclose any part of it to any other person without the written consent from the Genrise team.
  13. The candidate referral given by the associate will be treated as candidate referred by the associate only if that candidate lead has not been captured/recorded in the past 90 days by Genrise via its CRM tool digitally.
  14. The candidate referral given by the associate will be treated as a referred candidate only for the next 90 days from the date of referral post which it will become an open lead. No success fee will be paid on enrolment of such candidate if the candidate enrols after 90 days of the referral date with Genrise. Hence, the associate should endeavor to convert the referral into enrolment within 90 days of the referral date

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